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Open Payments provides a PSD2 compliant API for aggregated use over all supported banks. You can give away the hassle of bank integration to us and focus on your core business when it comes to bank interactions.


Open Payments provides three building stones on which you can build you bank aware application.

The first is called ASPSP after Account Servicing Payment Service Providers. Most of these would be called banks in everyday language. This set of APIs makes it possible to discover what banks that are available for a certain country and what capabilities those banks have in the Open Payments ecosystem. Here is a tutorial to get started with ASPSP.

Then we have Account Information where it is possible to list all accounts for a PSU (Payment Service User) and also account details like list of transactions, different identification schemes and so on. The account APIs work together with the consent API to form a building block in your application. Read more in the consents tutorial and accounts tutorial.

Finally there is Payment Initiation where actual payments are initiated. This API uses its own idea about consent in concordance with the NextGen specification. So it is not possible to get a consent for payments from the consent APIs. Read more about how to initiate a payment in the payment initiation tutorial.


The first generation of Open Payments API is based on the NextGen specification. A client already aware of NextGen should be able to work with our platform with no or little hassle. For practical purposes we have broken the specification up in 4 different parts corresponding to the building stones described above. OAS3 specifications are available:

We plan to support other standards in this field in the future - let us know your needs and we can have a dialogue about how to make it happen.